Saturday, March 22, 2014

Still Here

Well I'm a terrible blogger now, but for some reason I just can't bring myself to give it up completely.

We're still around, all four cats and one baby doing well. Joseph is one year old now and ensuring that he and the cats are "gentle" with each other has become a full time job. They are pretty cute together though, with a lot of shared interests, including bird watching.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hello again. It has been a long time. (Again). The cats have had quite a life change. We have a new baby. His name is Joe.

Joe is three months old.

The cats have adjusted well. Everett is a little scared of the baby. Zoe and Indy are quite indifferent. Georgia loves the baby.
 She interprets his flails as pats. Sometimes she is helpful and ensures he doesn't roll off the couch.
 She still insists on being stuck to her dad like Velcro.

 She is CRAZY about Joe's baby gym. If he's playing in it then she MUST be involved.

 Zoe just likes the stroller.

And here's a cute picture of everyone bird watching the other day (on chairs to see above the paper which is there to prevent Indy fighting with the neighbor cat).

Goodbye for now.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hello Again

So it looks like we have become twice-a-year bloggers. Better than nothing, right?

I'm taking a snow day at home today with the cats and thought it'd be a good time to catch up with a few pictures.

Everett sleeps cute on the red couch

Cats love stairs (with startled ears)

Sleep grooming?

Sitting like people

Synchronized sleeping

And the only Zoe picture, because she usually misses out on all the photo opportunities, saving the "cute" stuff she does for 4:00 AM.

The kitties are all happy and doing well. They don't know it yet, but we're all in for a big change in March, when their first human sibling, a little brother, is born. 

Well that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Well Here We Are

Well hello. 
It has been a long time since we've posted, but here we are. 
It seems blogger has changed, so things are looking a little strange.

We disappeared around December, so first here are two Christmas pictures. 

Hey! You can add captions to pictures now!
Anyway, the cats got a big new scratching post for Christmas.  It's awesome. They  haven't  knocked it over or  destroyed it yet, so it's pretty much the best post we've ever had. 
Everett's dad made this picture Christmas Eve. 
Everett likes to watch the Sims. 
Cats as decorations on end tables.

Our bird Willy died in April. We miss him and the  cats miss sitting on his cage.

Georgia has been doing lots of posing for the camera lately.

Hindering the cooking process. 

They always want out. We need to look into a good enclosure for the yard. 

Here's Georgia politely expressing her desire to go outside:

  And here's Zoe stealing breakfast: 

Well that is it for now. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011


All of the cats like having stairs now. But Everett LOVES stairs.

When we're looking for him, we always check the stairs first, and usually he's there. Sleeping or just sitting. He's made walking down the stairs a bit of a sport too because he tries to trip people.

When the other cats are chasing balls in the basement, Everett waits near the bottom of the stairs and meows and maaahhhs to get our attention and then leads us to the stairs to throw balls for him to chase up and down. I was filming Zoe flipping when he did it last night:


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Paint and Playroom

So far we have used four different colors of paint on the walls in our new house. Three cats got zero colors of paint on them, and one cat got four colors of paint on himself. Indy has been blue, green, grey, and most recently has had white-tipped ears:

Luckily he's the one with the longest fur so we can usually just cut his painted furs off.

The largest part of our basement doesn't have much furniture it yet, and is mostly empty. This has become the cats' favorite room of the house. It's a big playroom. Where they play and roll around a lot with their mouths open:

And where Zoe does a lot of jumping and flailing.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Move and the Fall

We moved about a week and a half ago and the kitties are pretty much all settled in now. It took Everett about a week to stop looking at us like "when are we going home?" but everyone else was pretty happy right away. The girls were immediately thrilled actually.

Zoe has been a new cat since we moved - just happier, purrier, and cuddlier. She happily explored and helped unpack boxes.

This picture is dark and blurry, but you can see Georgia's reaction to moving, and Everett being a little hesitant. He seemed to have a little trouble understanding stairs.

We set up a room for the cats to contain them while we moved in. Only Everett was nervous - he hid in the closet. The room actually still looks a lot like this. It's nice having cat stuff contained instead of strewn all over the house for a change.

There were a lot of stressful parts of the move too. See this drop from the second story to the first?

We were very worried that somebody would fall from there. Our cats are clumsy, and stumble and knock each other off of things all the time. We had planned to get some glass cut to sit up on that railing to keep the cats off. In the meantime, we put up a cardboard wall. It was very sturdy but Georgia must have taken a run at it and she fell. Luckily her dad was home to rush her to the vet because she must have landed on her face as her nose was bleeding and swollen. She was in pain and not moving or opening her eyes so he was very worried. I was at work and left to meet them at the vet of course freaking out. Anyway, long story short the vet thought she probably didn't have a concussion, although he mentioned she could have fractured something in her face or skull. We think she probably broke her nose. We brought G home and set her up in our room where she is most comfortable to rest alone and recover. At this point the railing was left without anything blocking it, and we were setting up the carpet below while we tried to figure out what to do. Then Indy jumped up there, tried to walk down the slanted hand rail, and fell! He was not hurt at all though. Obviously we needed an immediate solution so we worked late into the night putting up a wall of plexi-glass until we can get some nice stained glass or something. Here's the "after" picture (ignore the head):

We didn't see Georgia fall, but Zoe was somehow involved in it and quite shaken up (we think she was at the bottom and G may have almost landed on her). She didn't leave Georgia's side that day once she got back from the vet and we put her in our room.

A bit of a swollen nose:

Georgia's accident happened a week ago today and she recovered pretty quickly. She's all better now and you'd never know she broke her face a little. I feel very lucky she's better already (and feeling very guilty of course). The vet said a fall like that could have caused a hernia and with mesh holding her insides in, I think Georgia could be more susceptible to that.

Anyway, I'm still paranoid about the rest of the railing, where Zoe likes to sit to worry us:

The fall from there though is not as high, and is on to carpeted stairs. The next move will be to a bungalow.