Thursday, April 16, 2009

playing together

Our Dad surprised us all by ordering us our very own Turbo Track! Mom set it up for us and we love it! 

But she keeps on laughing at how we play with it together...


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Indy and Georgia...and Adam


This is the closest we've ever slept!


But don't get the wrong idea...Georgia still isn't quite ready to be nice all the time. In this video Mom is trying to get a shot of the black furs sticking out of Georgia's mouth. If Mom and Dad hear a scream, it's easy to tell who did the biting if George has a mouth full of fur.


I forgive quite easily though...we're spending today relaxing outside together.


Ok. Our Mom is having a serious problem. We live in Canada! You may be asking just what is so problematic about that....well I'll tell you. We can't vote for Adam Lambert! He's sooooooo good. Don't forget to watch American Idol and vote for him!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bad Bloggers

We have been bad bloggers lately. It's just too busy around here with spring things to do and Mom having papers due and finals and everybody getting ready to move. We are officially moving at the end of the month! Our new place is a little bigger (which is good because Georgia still needs her own room sometimes, and so does Willy) and we are on the first floor with a patio so we can go outside a little more (on leashes or in the enclosure of course). Mom and Dad said they found the only place in the whole city that will allow 3 cats and a bird...well maybe not the whole city...but it's only a few blocks away so it should be an easy move. We love new places! We're excited!

Mom had a Not Fun birthday on Tuesday because she had a big paper due Wednesday. The best thing about it though was dad's of us in a "meow" frame! Here's Georgia posing with it (it will go on the wall in the new place). Mom loves having us framed.